About Addttoo

Jewellery and body art become one!

Whether it is a small decoration or an elaborate design, you decide. Addttoo is versatile, you can decorate any part of your body, the possibilities are endless!

All Addttoo designs have been formulated to compliment each other and you can mix-and-match black, silver and gold transfer designs with an option to adorn your body art with 24 karat gold or pure silver. Mini Addttoo provides an option to further enhance your design, or have complimentary fingers, toes and nail art.

Transform your designs using our light-catching body crystals, made with Swarovski® Elements. The crystals are available in 6 basic colours so you can choose a colour to compliment your attire.


Ideal for all occasions and a unique, special gift!

If you are looking to buy an Addttoo product for an occasion or as special gift for someone, choose from our range of Gift Sets, which are all presented in beautiful pillow gift boxes. 

Luxurious, high quality, eye catching body art, that is quick & easy to apply with head-turning results.